Sensei Booster




An all-in-one app that keeps your device running as good as new


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As time goes on, your Android slows down, collecting junk and constantly heating up, so you end up losing memory, speed, and functionality faster than you'd think. Sensei Booster is an app that lets you avoid all these things in a simple and easy way.

In the main window, you can see all the features the app offers letting you access any of them with just a click. At the top, you can see the space used, the RAM, and the device's current temperature. Once you know what's wrong with your smartphone or tablet, you can open any of the options below: Clean RAM, App manager, CPU cooler, Battery Saver, Clean Cache, and Toolbox.

In the app manager, you have access to useful features like making a backup copy of the app, uninstall, see details, or view the app in Google Play. On the other hand, from the battery saver section, you can see how long before you run out of battery and how long it would take to charge it completely. Lastly, with the cleaning features, you can get rid of unnecessary elements with just one click.